The THINKERS Workshop

An exclusive online training community for people who are committed to becoming better thinkers.

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When was the last time you stopped to think?

I mean really stopped ... to think.

Chances are, your distracted mind and our society’s insatiable hunger to gobble up every crumb of your attention have conspired against you truly indulging in the full wonder and complexity of your thoughts and ideas.

That's why we created the THINKERS Workshop: to help free your mind so you can start making better decisions by becoming a better thinker.

The THINKERS Workshop is an exclusive repository of videos, articles, and insights that build on the principles of the THINKERS Manifesto. It's an online space that will inspire you to think better, and then give you the training and tools you need to actually do it.

Why you should join our exclusive online training community.

Becoming a better thinker isn't complicated, but it also isn't easy.

There are simple, proven techniques for improving your thinking. The challenge is following through on a commitment to create new habits. 

The educational content within the THINKERS Workshop will show you the techniques you need to adopt to become a better thinker. And the accountability and support provided by our caring, earnest community will help you follow through so you can turn intentions into lasting habits.

When you join the THINKERS Workshop, you will have immediate access to everything in our Education Library.

This includes the following six mini courses:

  • Generate Better Ideas with Brainwriting
  • How to Think Clearly During a Crisis
  • How to Get More out of Meetings
  • How to Create Habits for Better Thinking
  • How to Build Teams That Think Better
  • How to Discover New Opportunities

In our Education Library, you will also find Short Essays for Better Thinking by THINKERS founders Sean Jackson and Jerod Morris.

In addition, membership in the THINKERS Workshop will give you the opportunity to participate in:

  • Live video events hosted by Sean and Jerod.
  • Virtual happy hours with the THINKERS team and other members of the THINKERS workshop.
  • Weekly accountability threads, where we set thinking objectives and hold each other accountable for following through on them.
  • Regular discussion questions and conversations that will give you the opportunity to open up about your experiences and share your wisdom while learn from the experiences and wisdom of others.

Plus, you will have FREE access to the Mighty Networks mobile app, which makes participating in the THINKERS Workshop a breeze from any mobile device.

And much, much more ... with new features on the way in the future.

Start making better decisions today.

Do you want to start making better decisions? Then join our exclusive online community of like-minded thinkers. 

The THINKERS Workshop is an online training community that is here to help you.

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